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Mike Capps, Account Executive from Howard Communications; took a 71/2 foot 400 + pound black bear while hunting in Alberta, Canada.  Here is what Mike had to say about the uncompromising strength, durability and innovation of the Game Sled™!

“Alan thanks for sending along the Game Sled and Game Gurney. I took the Game Sled on a bear hunt in Alberta.  We used it to haul out a big 7 ½ foot bear and had to drag it approximately 2 ½ miles across muskeg, rocks and stumps. The Sled did a great job and held up to the task.”

Jamie McQuaid
Jamie shot a 145-155 lb. buck in Morris County, New Jersey; a non-typical buck.
Jamie noted: ” The Game Sled helped me slide the deer out of the swampy bog over fallen logs without much trouble at all.  The Game Sled totally preserved the cape and hide so that I could get my biggest buck to date to the taxidermist in pristine condition.  Thanks Game Sled™ for making such an easy to use, great product.”

Whitetail Solutions; Deer Management Consultants

“As Urban Hunting Professionals, we require the utmost in discretion when removing deer from homeowners’ backyards of other public locations to or vehicles.  The custom, black Game Sled™ that you designed for us is perfect for out needs.  Alan, thank you for designing the Game Sled™, the most compact and durable sled on the market!”

Charlie Crouchman
Hunt that resulted in a 250-pound black bear in the Adirondacks had this to say about the Game Sled™!

While hunting deep in the woods with his 10 year old daughter, shot his bear at 3:30 PM, his first bear. “After harvesting my first bear I knew the work would begin, carrying in a small pack which was the Game Sled™. Because I was having the bear mounted, I didn’t want to field dress the animal; which I knew would make the drag that more difficult.  The terrain was your typical Adirondack woodland. Wrapping the bear into the Game Sled I was able to drag the bear out and the bear slid easily over logs, sticks, mud, and rocks. There was no fur loss through the process, a drag I would not have attempted without the Game Sled™.  I do not mind hunting further back than most because I know the drag won’t be that bad.  A 250 pound bear in the 
Game Sled™ felt like dragging a fawn without a sled!”

Louis LaConture, New York Catskills took a 225 Lb. Buck wrote:
“ Alan, what a life saver you and your Game Sled™ turned out to be  I bagged a buck this season that weighed in at 225 Lbs.  I definitely got the Big Boy this year.  The Game Sled™ made getting him out as easy as silk! A great product, good job Alan, thanks for making it happen.”

Brett Homer; Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters, West Central Illinois:

“Being a outfitter in West Central Illinois, means dragging out a lot of Big Bucks. Every hunter knows that you cannot always drive right up to a deer to get it out of the timber.  At Backwoods Whitetails when we run into that situation is when we rely on the Game Sled™. When we first saw the design of this sled, we were excited that is wasn’t that one of those one-time one-use products, flimsy or disposal.  As a matter of fact; we used a couple of the lesser quality sleds and they didn’t even make it through one drag. With the Game Sled’s durable construction and its compact, easy to carry case; we knew we had a winner!  It has the flexibility to go from a simple one-man drag, to a two-man drag, to even attaching to an ATV.

The guides if Backwoods Whitetail Outfitters put this sled through hell and is stood up to the test.  Most important to us was that this sled allows us to drag out a client’s deer and not have to worry about destroying or damaging the cape; ensuring a mount of a lifetime.  The Game Sled™ drags so easily over all types of terrain, protects your deer’s cape and carcass, and can withstand the punishments of harsh ground.  Definitely worth the investment! We will be using these sleds at our camps for years to come.”

“Alan; from the staff of BWO… thanks for making a REAL "GAME SLED!”

Bob Howe; Professional Outfitter and Maine Master Guide of 37 years wrote:

My customer shot an 11- point buck during a hunt in November; on the opposite side of a swamp and beaver flowage.  There was no way to get an ATV in there to retrieve the deer so we dragged the buck out with the Game Sled™.  We were in waist deep water, the Game Sled kept the deer on top of the water and swale grass as we moved through it. Without the Game Sled™, the deer would have sunk and would have got caught on everything.  When we were out and back at camp, we simply washed and re-wrapped the Game Sled™ and we were ready to go again.  It is easy to carry, and really makes the job easier when getting deer from the woods.  I will suggest other hunters try this Sled.”

“Alan; best of luck to you and your great product, I’m sure we’ll be using it some more!”

Bill Perry: Licensed Wyoming Outfitter states;

“I’m a big game wilderness outfitter for r22 years and hunt the toughest backcountry in the United States.  My equipment has to be tough and able to perform in all types of conditions.  I not only use the Game Sled™ to drag elk, deer and other game from rugged locations quickly and easily, I also depend on the Game Sled™ to move firewood, horse tack, and other items in camp as well.  The Game Sled™ is a high quality product that is reliable and durable.  If it stands up the abuse in the back country I hunt- just imagine what is can do for the average deer hunter!”

Mike Faw

“The drag worked great- and I was impressed.  I had to move my buck across a creek, then up a steep 100 yard hillside; then, more than 200 yards up a sloping logging road.  I found it much easier than other game drags."


Bob Davis, National Sales Director 

Compliments of Alan Small, inventor and designer of the Game Sled, I just received a prototype of his newest invention.

This has to be the best go to innovation in bow hunting I have ever used.

At 30 yards my patterns dialed down from a dinner plate size to about the size of a silver dollar.

The biggest benefit of the new sight is the stability of the bow. Using the new sight along with my new Martin Alien I consistently hit patterns of 5 inches at 35 yards.

To anyone who hates the prefixed peep sights I highly recommend Alan’s new sight.

With my most grateful thanks.

Bob Davis
National Sales Director
20 Years Outdoor Publishing Executive



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